Working, Educating, and Advocating for quality lake living since 1963

Life On Beautiful Pickerel-Crooked Lakes

The Pickerel-Crooked Lakes Association works to protect, preserve, and improve the water quality of the lakes through education of those who live on, and use the waterways.

Pickerel and Crooked Lakes have historically provided a wonderful opportunity for fun and recreation as well as access to wilderness, swamps, and wetlands on the Inland Waterway and sharing in our bountiful wildlife habitat. We can enjoy fishing, boating, waterskiing and canoeing in our search for balance in our high-stress lives. We can take a trip down the Inland Waterway and enjoy the meandering path between Crooked Lake and Lake Huron and all its wild beauty. We can also observe a wide variety of wildlife, birds, and fish.

Our business members provide additional support to PCLA. Please utilize their services and thank them!

The PCLA is a registered non-profit organization. We work with other environmental groups and governmental agencies to protect and preserve our fragile lake environment.  Whether you live on the lake or just play here, your participation and support are vital. Learn more About Us and find out why you should become a member today!